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Class Assignments

Schedule of Chesapeake Humanities Classes and Assignments


  • Journey One
    • Field Experience: Chino camping
      • Assignment: Reread/review Horton, Bay Country (preface
    • 8/29, Class: Introduction to Environmental Humanities (Professor Meehan)
      • Assignment: Wendell Berry, “Solving for Pattern” (link); Burroughs, “The Art of Seeing Things” (pdf) [in Canvas]; also reread/review Horton, Bay Country (“Preface,” “What is Natural, What is Right” and “Trees”)
    • 9.1, Class: Introduction to Environmental Ethics (Professor McCabe)
      • Assignment: Ruggiero, “Thinking Critically about Ethical Issues” (pdf); Moncrief, “The Cultural Basis of our Environmental Crisis” (pdf) [readings are in Canvas]
    • 9.4 (Sunday): Blog #1 due by 8pm: “My Chesapeake Ethic (initial).” Reflection on the views, perspectives, ethics, and understanding you have of the Chesapeake Bay at the beginning of the semester. What do you know? What don’t you know? As always with the blog, intersect your reflection with at least one of the readings (from any of the courses) this week.
    • 9.7, Class: Memory, History, Race, and Landscape
      • Assignment: chapter from Lauret Savoy, Trace: Memory, History, Race, and The American Landscape plus Berry, “An Entrance to the Woods” [both readings in Canvas]
    • 9.10 (Sunday): Blog #2 due by 8 pm
    • During Journey 1 travel, Review/Reread : Horton, Bay Country: “Coming and Going” and “The Tribs”
    • 9/25 (Monday): Stalking #1 due by 8 pm, submitted to Canvas
  • Journey 2
    • 9.28, Class: Land Ethics and Aesthetics (Professor Meehan)
    • 10.1 (Sunday): Blog #3 due by 8 pm
    • 10.4, Class: Environmental Aesthetics (Professor Harvey, Art Studio)
      • readings (in Canvas): 1.Why should learn to draw; 2.Richard Long; 3.Matisse; 4.Gesture; 5.Line & Expression [readings in Canvas]
    • 10.8 (Sunday): Blog #4 due by 8pm
    • 10.10, Class: The Rhetoric of Wilderness (Professor Meehan)
    • Before/During Journey 2 travel: Reread Horton, Bay Country: “Pleasures of the Islands” and “The Bottom of the Bay”
    • 10.15 (Sunday): Blog #5 due by 8pm
    • 10.29 (Sunday): Stalking #2 due by 8pm [rough draft due Friday 5 pm; with peer response in Canvas due by Saturday noon]
  • Journey 3
    • 11.5 (Sunday): Reading + Blog #6: Nixon, Slow Violence and the Environmentalism of the Poor (introduction). Focus your blog this week on responding to Nixon’s concepts: how does “slow violence” relate to what you have seen in the Chesapeake Bay watershed? How do you think it will relate to Belize? Be prepared to discuss on the ground in Belize and Guatemala three key concepts he introduces: slow violence; the environmentalism of the poor; writer-activism and representational power. [no other blogs due during the travel abroad]
    • 11.27 (Monday): Stalking #3 due by 8 pm [I suggest you work on this during Thanksgiving week]
  • Journey 4
    • 12.1: The Ethics of Farming and Animals: Discussion with Dr. McCabe in the field .
      • Assignment: Readings in advance (in Canvas): Kant, Peter Singer, etc.
    • 12.3: Blog #7 (My Chesapeake Ethic, revisited) due by 8 pm. Blog must directly respond to readings from this week on ethics and Berry.
    • [No fourth Stalking due; begin to work instead on Final Project]
  • Final Project
    • Initial draft due in Canvas Tuesday 12/12 (by 11.59 am)
      • I will have office hours/drop-in workshop Tuesday 12/12 from 12.30-2
      • Peer response will be due by Tuesday evening.
    • Final Project due in Canvas Friday, 12/15 (11.59 pm)


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